Mount Agung Eruption Update

Mount Agung Asleep

Update for 5th February 2018

This picture is taken from the verandah at Bali Asli Restaurant

Mount Agung has been relatively quiet for the last 10 days, with a steady flow of gases and ash rising from the crater. Volcanologists still continue to monitor the activity inside the volcano, which is still full of magma, neither rising or falling. This kind of behaviour from Mount Agung is now considered “normal” and the warning level has not been dropped, the exclusion zone is 6km. Only 2% of Bali’s area is effected; Bali is still a safe place to visit.
Karangasem, where Bali Asli is located, is safe but respect must be observed to the exclusion zones and warnings made by the Authorities.

Bali Asli is open for business as normal, with spectacular views of Mount Agung and just as spectacular Balinese food!

Unless the situation changes, this will be the last update.