Nasi Campur

Bali Asli Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur is a light farmer’s lunch,
enjoyed every day by Indonesians all over the country

Home made Krupuk and sambal

Nasi sele
Steamed organic Balinese rice
with sweet potato from my neighbour’s garden

Urab Paku sayur jepang
Steamed young fern tips plucked from the nearby gullies
with exotic squash, sweet red chili and freshly grated coconut

Pelecing kangkung
Karangasem style water spinach, dressed with a zesty tomato sauce, tiny limes and fried red beans

Sate lembat be pasih
Fisherman fresh sea fish sate wrapped around bamboo sticks

Be siap betutu
Slow cooked chicken, marinated in “Bumbu Rajang”,
stuffed with cassava leaves and
slow roasted wrapped in beetle nut husks