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Hello Bali Asli friends and family, Just to let you know that we are all healthy and safely tucked up in our homes in East Bali. Keeping calm and following the regulations of our Government. Bali Asli is now only open on a reservations only basis for lunch and preordered home delivery within the Karangasem area. Please stay safe, and enjoy the peaceful time in your houses with family. Please stay tuned, as the events unravel.

Gift Cards

A new initiative from award winning Bali Asli. You can now purchase gift cards for 2 people at very discounted prices compared to our normal restaurant and cultural adventures. Buy now and save, maybe for yourself or as an excellent gift for family or friends. Gift cards purchased now can be used anytime over the next 12 months. They come in 3 flavours so you can choose the ultimate culinary experience for you.

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Where We Are

BALI ASLI is located in Gelumpang village, near the town of Amlapura, Karangasem regency, in the north east of Bali. It is about 2 hours drive from the airport, and 30 minutes from both Candidasa village and Amed village. BALI ASLI is nestled in the foot hills of Mount Agung, Bali’s most sacred mountain, surrounded by rice fields, there is not a building to be seen.

The Restaurant

BALI ASLI promotes Balinese cuisine and culture without exploiting it or it’s people. We embrace our community, supporting those who fish, farm and forage in the nearby fields, ocean and jungle. Our menu offers traditional Balinese food using an authentic Balinese style kitchen. We cook on wood-fired, mud brick stoves, allowing the real flavours of Bali to shine. Most of our ingredients are either grown in our garden, in our neighbour’s garden or purchased from the local market.

The Cooking School

The cooking school runs unique classes themed on “a day in the life of...” every class includes an adventure into local areas off the beaten track. Whether it is learning how to plant rice or plough with a cow, fishing in a jukung canoe and cooking on an open fire or making cocktails from cashew nut wine, our students always leave with fond memories and new skills to experiment with when they get home.

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