Wedding Testimonial

Melanie and Anthony Langley, 8 August 2019
Wedding Blessing

A big thank you to Penelope and her team for making our Balinese blessing perfect. Beautiful surroundings, care and attention and delicious Balinese food.

Bob Barrow UK – 22 September 2014
Hello Penelope,
We are now back in the UK after our wonderful trip to Bali for our daughter Kathryn’s wedding to Steve on 21st August. We would just like to say what a wonderful occasion it was. The wedding ceremony in the field was really lovely – I hope the vegetation has by now recovered! The four little girls in their beautiful colourful costumes were gorgeous and looked so pretty. The wedding meal and drinks were really different and special and all of the staff looked after us so well. We very much enjoyed it and appreciate all of the hard work which went into making it such a memorable event.
So a huge thanks to you and all concerned.
All the very best
Joyce and Bob Barrow

Kenneth Dingledine NYC – 17 September 2012
Penny, Penny, Penny…
Wow…you’ve been on our minds recently and I just had to reach back out to you now that the dust has settled a bit and we are now (begrudgingly) back into our daily lives.
We just can’t thank you enough for the unbelievable professionalism, creativity and attention to detail that you brought to our event. Let alone the logistics that you pulled off with this kind of event in a little village on the side of a mountain in a remote south pacific island! As I mentioned to Menon as well, of prime importance to us was the comfort and happiness of our guests, and we haven’t stopped receiving compliments from the food and the flow of the whole event.
As I think I mentioned to you when we were there, from the minute you sent the spreadsheet to us, I knew we were in good hands. This was confirmed when we met in person and your detail oriented mind went into high gear during our planning meeting. Then finally I was a fan for life when I caught you in a moment the evening of the event as you were speaking to a staff member and explaining how a display item simply “had to be”. It was a small detail, but I knew the standards you held were of the highest degree. Thank you for that.
My one regret is that we didn’t have a chance to get your restaurant in the east of the island. From what I hear it is amazing…but I’m too not worried, we’ll be back. In fact, the work both you and Menon did for us has inspired me to seriously consider re-engaging my hospitality and food service work. Who knows…maybe opportunities will arise for us to work together in the future.
And seriously, if you ever make it out to NYC, you absolutely have a place to stay with us here in the city. We would love nothing more to show you the culinary highlights of this crazy town from our perspective. I think you’d love some of the things here.
All the best of luck and we look forward to speaking with and meeting you again soon.