Privacy Policy

Who We Are

Bali Asli is a private company wholly owned by Ms. Penelope Williams, Executive Chef and Director.
The Company was formed in 2011 with the main business of running a restaurant and a cooking school with a focus on traditional East Balinese cuisine.
The business is located in its own purpose built facility in the East of Bali, in the middle of the unspoilt countryside. It is a short distance from the town of Amlapura in the district of Karangasem.
Further details can be found on the website
The website has undergone significant upgrade to ensure information displays on all major devices in a user friendly way.
It is intended that the website will be adapted to the higher level of data security (https) in the near future.

What Personal Data we Collect and Why we Collect it

The website is built using WordPress and some plugins to provide the good responsiveness and an excellent user experience and protect our website from viruses, hackers and other undesirable security breaches.
Some of the plugins use cookies. A cookie is a piece of information that a website stores on a visitor’s computer. We use this for some functionality on our website to work properly, collecting analytics to understand and improve a visitors experience and for personalised advertising.
You can accept cookies or fine tune your preferences in cookie settings.
We do not collect any personal data from visitors to the website.
The website does have a contact page to enable visitors to book culinary adventures and cooking school classes. The information requested is name and email address, this data is not stored after a response is made back to the visitor.


Although the website can be set up to record comments made by visitors, it is currently set to not accept comments. It is not planned to change this setting.


Visitors are not enabled to upload media files. Only the website administrator has permission to upload media files.
Media files uploaded provide valuable information for visitors and are not of a personal data nature.

Contact Form

As already mentioned under a previous section of this policy, data entered by visitors is only held until a response from the website owner is carried out.
Data is used only for customer service purposes and not for any other marketing requirement including providing such data to 3rd parties.

Embedded Content from other Websites

Information pages may include embedded content (video, images, sound, text).
Content of this nature behaves in the exact same way as if the visitor had visited the other website from which the content was used.


Google and other 3rd parties are used to obtain information of an analytical nature.
All analytical information is aggregated and is anonymous to the website administrator.

Data Protection

Any data that is collected or mentioned previously is protected from attack by hackers and other unauthorised bodies using sophisticated security software and substantial firewalls.
Any breaches of the website security are analysed and appropriate security cleaning measures implemented.
Wordforce is the main security software utilised.