Galungan will start on the 27th February and lasts for 10 days.

The most magnificent Balinese festival, celebrating the victory of good over bad. The spirits of our ancestors are invited to jump from their dimension to this one for 10 days, to support and celebrate with all the family.

Streets are adorned with elaborate and ornate hand-crafted decorations, the Balinese wear their favourite Traditional dresses, the temples sparkle with gold and silver ornaments to welcome the ancestorial spirits home, it is a sight not to be missed.

We will be running trips into the villages nearby during the Galungan festival and invite you to join us for some super special cultural immersion.

On SUNDAY 25th FEBRUARY and 3rd MARCH we will be venturing out with the Amlapura Vespa club, on the back of antique Vespas or a convertible Volkswagen to explore the country lane-ways that will be lined with “Penjor” the beautiful bamboo totem poles that every household erects in front of their homes. The Penjor is not dis-similar to a Christmas Tree. Where all the family are involved in making and decorating it with hand woven ornaments, fruits, and other decorations, all symbolic of the things that are used in our day to day lives. The ornaments are a way of offering thanks to the gods that have blessed us with them over the past year.

HALF DAY VESPA TOUR; IDR 500,000 inc. tax per person

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On MONDAY 26th FEBRUARY join our chefs when they visit the morning market to buy the ingredients for the day’s menu. This day is super busy at Amlapura markets, imagine Christmas Eve shopping! if you love the hustle and bustle of a good market, this is for you!

After shopping, we will return to Bali Asli where we will teach you how to make some “Jaje Bali” sweets. Today is the day when all the Balinese ladies gather to make traditional sweets, which will be used as part of the elaborate offerings placed on Galungan day. Then you can relax on the tranquil balcony for morning tea and sweets.

MORNING MARKET TOUR AND MORINING TEA; IDR 470,000 inc tax per person

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On TUESDAY 27th FEBRUARY “Penampahan” Galungan Eve. This is a very important day for Balinese men. It is their responsibility to sacrifice the pig that the family have been raising months in preparation for this day. Sacrificing the pig is symbolic of removing all of the negative thoughts, actions and energy surrounding the family. The pig will be then prepared by the men and cooked into 3 different varieties of sate skewers, a delicious BANANA STEM SOUP and 5 different salads called LAWAR, These delicacies will be used as offerings as well as part of the Galungan feast.

Today The team at Bali Asli will be running a special cooking class, taught by our Chef Mr. Dewa. Join him as he guides you through making a very special Balinese Galungan feast for your lunch.

FULL DAY CULINARY ADVENTURE; IDR 1,292,500inc tax per person

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We like to observe this amazing festival and so do our staff
On SATURDAY 9th March “Kuningan” Yellow day! The last day of Galungan festival
Yellow is the colour that symbolizes purity. During the 10 days of Galungan, the gods and demons test the humans, trying to stir up negative auras and make the humans commit unjoyful acts. So yellow is the celebrated colour, symbolic of the purity and positivity that has been victorious over the negative. It is also the day that we say farewell to the ancestors that have been visiting us on Earth during Galungan, supporting and celebrating with us. To farewell the spirits many of the temples are filled with dance performances. The team at Bali Asli loves to visit the temples nearby to watch this beautiful display of shimmering gold costumes, graceful dancers and the complete village orchestra to accompany the event. The dancing is performed in the afternoons and early evenings. So perhaps enjoy lunch at Bali Asli before venturing to one of the temples with us.

AFTERNOON TEA AND TEMPLE DANCING; IDR 470,000 inc. tax per person.

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