Go home with a Memory not a Souvenir!

Culinary Adventures

Bali Asli’s unique Culinary Adventures cover a variety of exceptional experiences.
Each experience consists of an adventure around the local area then back to Bali Asli for a well earned lunch.
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Cultural Encounters

Bali Asli has introduced three new, shorter sessions of Cultural immersion.
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The Cooking School

Bali Asli’s cooking classes and adventures are available most days or on request.
Our classes run with a minimum of 2 and up to a maximum of 10 students.
Nothing at Bali Asli is set in stone and we are happy to tailor our programs to suit your itinerary or corporate / special event.
The cooking school runs unique classes themed on “a day in the life of…….”; every class includes a Bali best adventure into local areas off the beaten track. Whether it is learning how to plant rice or plough with a cow, fishing in a jukung canoe and cooking on an open fire or making cocktails from cashew nut wine, our students always leave with fond memories and new skills to experiment with when they return home.
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For those who would rather have our chefs cook for them, the adventures can also be enjoyed before returning to Bali Asli for a feast.

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Bali Asli Restaurant Menu

Most of our ingredients are either grown in our garden, in our neighbour’s garden or purchased from the local market.
Our menu changes almost every day, depending on what our chefs find at the market early in the morning or from our garden or what our neighbours bring to us on the day.
The menu offers traditional Balinese food prepared in an authentic style kitchen. We cook on wood-fired mud brick stoves, allowing the real flavours of Bali to shine.

Sample Megibung lunch menu

Sample Nasi Campur lunch menu