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The location and stunning views create an inspiring venue even before you take a mouthful of Balinese food, embark on a true Balinese experience or open your cooking booklet; we are also one of the best places to eat in Bali.
Bali Asli promotes Balinese cuisine and culture without exploiting it or it’s people. We embrace our community, supporting those who fish, farm and forage in the nearby fields, ocean and jungle.

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Meet Penelope Jane Williams

BALI ASLI combines serendipity and vision in a unique recipe created by Executive Chef and Director, Penelope Williams.
“Bali Asli is the product of my many dreams. A spark inside me was ignited when I went traveling through Asia in the late 1980‘s, little did I know the spark would lead me to where I am today.
After a four-year apprenticeship at the Savoy hotel in London, where I didn’t see a fresh chilli for the entire period, lots of foie gras, and truffles, but no chilli! It then took 12 years in Sydney working in cutting edge restaurants such as Restaurant 41, Boathouse and Bather’s Pavilion, followed by a three-year posting as Executive Chef at the Alila Manggis hotel, in Candidasa Bali, for me to realise my dream. During my time at Alila I fell in love with the amazing freshness and vitality of the produce available at my door step and the way the Balinese work with it to create a unique tapestry of flavours.
I truly believe that I am in Bali for a reason, I’m not yet really sure what it is exactly but I believe that Bali Asli is part of it.”
How lucky am I to have my dreams come true!


What does BALI ASLI mean? Asli is the Balinese term used for something that is created in the traditional way, with the ingredients that were originally used to create it. Using the word Bali as a prefix to Asli simply means to create something authentically Balinese.
The building itself and the undermining concepts behind the business name will be true to Balinese tradition in design, the food we serve and the knowledge we give. We take all possible steps to create an eco friendly establishment with a mission to install these concepts into all that experience BALI ASLI

BALI ASLI mission and vision

Our aim is to:
–  Create unique, real culinary experiences that are truly memorable
–  Make Bali’s cuisine accessible to more people
–  Create a new generation of people with the knowledge to make a difference
     to Bali’s environment and tourism industry
–  Provide them with the inspiration to put their knowledge into action.

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